CVS guide for developers

Every developer has to perform a login via ssh at before he gets write access to the repository!

Don't be surprised if sourceforge logs you out immediately after login. This is expected behaviour ;-)
Note that from now on, it's not necessary to do a cvs login any longer.


Add to ~/.bashrc :

export CVS_RSH=ssh

To avoid retyping your password before every CVS action you should generate a ssh key pair:

 ssh-keygen -tdsa
Specify a fileName like /home/UNIXUSERNAME/.ssh/sourceforge.key. Specify a passphrase (or leave it empty, if you're lazy and don't care about security) Login to Sourceforge. Go to Do a "cat ~/.ssh/" (Don't use the less cmd!) Copy/paste the key from the console to the browser. Click update and check that the number of keys increased by 1 only! Get a pizza and wait 20 minutes :-) If you have protected your private key with a passphrase, you have to call "ssh-add ~/.ssh/sourceforge.key" once before connecting to sourceforge.

Try to do a cvs update, checkout, whatever. No password should be needed.

cvs checkout vitooki


Go to download.html Download Putty.exe plink.exe Pageant.exe and Puttygen.exe

Go to display_doc.php?docid=766&group_id=1#sshkeygen; read and do the following:

  • Generate a SSH key pair:
    Start puttygen.exe
    Generate a SSH1 key with length 1024 bits.
    Save the private key. Do NOT close the window!
  • Upload your key to Sourceforge, wait 20 minutes:
    Login to Sourceforge.
    Copy your public key from the puttygen Window to the browser and click update.
  • Configure pageant:
    Simply start pageant.exe, right-click->"Add Key" and add your private key.
    You might want to add pageant.exe to your Autostart Folder.


If you are using WinCVS 1.2 stick to the guide from sourceforge. (Guide on

This guide is WinCVS 1.3 only!

Go to Admin->Preferences->General
Authentication should be "ssh" (click on settings and specify the path to the private key and the path to plink.exe as ssh client)
Path: /cvsroot/vitooki
Host Address:

Make sure that pageant.exe is running, when you access the CVS repository!