MuViNo - An MPEG-7 Video Annotation Tool

MuViNo is a tool for creating MPEG-7 metadata of videos. It consists of an embedded video player and an XML tree view allowing to navigate and edit an MPEG-7 document. It was designed to facilitate the creation and annotation of MPEG-7 VideoSegment descriptions, by which a video can be divided temporally into a hierarchy of semantic sections, like the chapters and sections of a printed book.

VideoSegment descriptors are created by splitting the current segment into subsegments at the current media time point shown in the video player. Special slider widgets facilitate quick navigation within the VideoSegment tree. The annotation data belonging to a VideoSegment can be edited in a user-friendly dialog, there is no need to manipulate the XML tree directly.

MuViNo supports the following MPEG-7 descriptors within a VideoSegment:

  • CreationInformation/Creation/Title
  • CreationInformation/Creation/TitleMedia/TitleImage
  • CreationInformation/Creation/Abstract
  • semantic place and semantic time within the Semantic descriptor
  • FreeTextAnnotation and KeywordAnnotation within Abstract (see above) and TextAnnotation
  • MediaTime and TemporalDecomposition - maintained automatically by MuViNo