Core lib

The ViTooKi Video-ToolKit supports adaptive standard compliant video streaming, transcoding and proxy caching. It supports MPEG-1/2/4/7/21 and MP3/AAC, stored in various containers like mp4, avi over RTSP/RTP/UDP with retransmission. server/proxy/player included.

Used libraries are ffmpeg, xvid but also ISO-MP4 (which is, because of licencing issues, not included in the CVS tree)

It is divided in various library parts:

  • base gives basic access to frames, containers and processing via DataChannels with Adaptors.
  • adaptors offers a large number of adaptors like temporal, spatial, grayscale but also statistics like framecounters or bandwidth counters.
  • io various IO classes like MPEG or YUV elem stream, RTP or DevNull
  • net classes for RTSP, URL parsing, but also RFC3016 conformant RTP packetization
  • container helpers for parsing mp4 containers. This could be done via our ffmpeg wrapper class or a ISO-MP4 library wrapper.
    AVI and DVD containers will be added soon.
  • metadata Basic classes for MPEG-21, MPEG-7 and Terminal Capabilities.
  • cache Support for MetaObjects and various cache replacement strategies